I've been absent from this space a bit lately and it's occurred to me that some of you may be wondering where I've gone.  Which means now is the perfect time to let you know where else you can find me ... I do like to get out and about in the web-o-sphere.

I put off joining instagram for a long time but now that I've discovered so many very gifted photographers sharing their talents and images there, I find myself hanging out there often.  You can find me sharing images mostly (but not exclusively) made and edited on my phone on Instagram.  I've started a new project called #foundbeautytoday.  Several times a week I share photos of the beauty I discover as I go about my day.  Pop over and check it out - @elle_bruce  If you like what you see drop me a comment there or pick your favourite image. 

You can find me other places too... you can see all my haunts in the little icons at the bottom of this page.  I am sure I will bump into you out and about... but where ever you are... let's plan to meet here.  I promise to be "home" more often.


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