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CREATIVE RUT BUSTERS - schedules and adventures

Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a rut? Perhaps just uninspired or seemingly too busy to be creative?  I've been feeling that way this past week.  Don't get me wrong.  Crossing stuff off the never ending to-do list does feel good... but being creative feels better... right?

It's easy to get trapped on the treadmill of to-do's and before you know it you're not creating at all.  Luckily sometimes the universe (or perhaps the subconscious) recognizes the signs of this impending doom and slump busting suggestions appear as if summoned.

Here are two I found helpful:

  1. Minimize Distractions
    Get control of the distractions and make time for being creative.  Schedule it if you have to!  This suggestion came from a great article on Chase Jarvis' blog. I love the idea of blocking the day into 90 minute segments and planning what you'll work on in each segment.
  2. Get UP And Go
    The second is get out there... get off your butt and say yes to experiencing life... it's the raw data that fuels the creative output. Again a suggestion from Chase Jarvis. 

Of course a grand adventure or trip would be great but if time or budget doesn't allow for that you're not hooped.  There is life and inspiration all around.  Why not have a Micro Adventure?  This completely do-able idea comes from Alastair Humphrey's article I found at where he promotes the local adventure.  Go down to the beach at night.  Take a train to a new location and wander around.  Head to a local park and spend the day watching and documenting a day in the life the public park.  Get on your bike and go looking for beauty.

So that's my plan this week... minimize distractions, schedule creativity, get off my butt and have a micro adventure.  What are your plans this week?  Is being more creative on the list?  If you have some good techniques for inspiring your creativity don't forget to share them here.

Have a good (creative) week my friends!


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