I am sitting here listening to the wind rustling everything up outside.  My sailor’s brain registers that as a good thing.  Wind means we move forward on the water and making headway is definitely the goal.

But the photographer in me longs for stillness.  When things are still it’s easier to capture the scene clearly.  The trees are sharper, reflections are clear, reeds are crisp.  I like the images that come as a result.  They are full of contrasting smooth and crisp details.

The evening we walked the trail in Glenorchy was still and quiet.   Well... as still and quiet as the trail could be with 20+ photographers walking it.  :-)  Not that I am complaining  - I’d hang out with that gang again any day!

Anyhow, wishing you a wonderful day of moving forward with perhaps a few moments of stillness to help make things clear.

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Glenorchy, New Zealand
February 2013


  • Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6
  • HDR image created in Photomatix from bracketed set of 5 images
  • Photoshop for polishing with Noiseware Pro, Viveza 2 & Color Efex Pro.

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