CREATIVE ENERGY - limited or limitless?

Is creative energy limited or limitless?  What do you find?

This week I’ve had several creative projects on the go other than photography.  Now that I am turning my focus back to photography, I am finding the muse decidedly absent.  So I am left wondering… is creative energy limited?  Perhaps I have spent all my reserves and just need to find a way to re-fuel.  Any thoughts my fellow artists?  Have any useful tips on how to get in touch with the muse again?


This is an image taken last spring along the shore of Lake Ontario.  There is a rock beach that I like to walk and I often find interesting debris left behind after the spring melt.  It was taken on my Nikon D700 with my 14-24mm lens.  I shot 7 bracketed exposures but chose only one exposure and processed it twice in Lightroom.  The first had some increased clarity on it and the second, I decreased the clarity as I wanted to enhance the smoothness of the water and the glowing of the horizon.  I then brought both versions into Photoshop and blended them.  In photoshop I used a couple of my favourite plug-ins; Topaz Lens Effects to further smooth out the water and Nik Color Efex to lighten the center and darken the edges. I also played a bit with using luminosity masks!  Something I am researching and trying out every chance I get.  Maybe that’s why the muse sat quiet.  Perhaps she was overwhelmed.

Anyhow, hope you had a wonderful weekend my friends - I know I am squeaking this post in under the wire.  I’ve got my my order placed for a whole bundle of new creative energy for us this week!


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