I've been absent from this space a bit lately and it's occurred to me that some of you may be wondering where I've gone.  Which means now is the perfect time to let you know where else you can find me ... I do like to get out and about in the web-o-sphere.

I put off joining instagram for a long time but now that I've discovered so many very gifted photographers sharing their talents and images there, I find myself hanging out there often.  You can find me sharing images mostly (but not exclusively) made and edited on my phone on Instagram.  I've started a new project called #foundbeautytoday.  Several times a week I share photos of the beauty I discover as I go about my day.  Pop over and check it out - @elle_bruce  If you like what you see drop me a comment there or pick your favourite image. 

You can find me other places too... you can see all my haunts in the little icons at the bottom of this page.  I am sure I will bump into you out and about... but where ever you are... let's plan to meet here.  I promise to be "home" more often.


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Are you a photographer too?  How did that happen?  I find it fascinating to learn about how others discovered photography.  My path has been long and winding.  Until I travelled to New Zealand, I'd never considered myself a photographer.

I posted my story of discovery (along with the photos I took in stunning New Zealand) at  They have some great stories from lots of talented folks over there.  Now they have this really cool feature called "NEW TAB" - a new beautiful story and image will pop up on your desktop each time you create a new tab in your browser.  How crazy great is that?

I've got a new story in the works... if you decide to join the party at be sure to look me up and subscribe so you don't miss it.   Enjoy!


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I am so excited to announce I have joined a very talented group of photographers and teachers as a contributing author at Visual Wilderness.  

Jay and Varina Patel are the founders of Visual Wilderness - a top notch site for learning outdoor and landscape photography. Joining them and the other skilled photographers who are regular contributors is both an honour and natural fit with my goals of inspiring and mentoring.  

I create with the hope that it will inspire others in the way that I have been inspired.
I share what I've learned so that others may learn.
Elle Bruce - mission statement

I look forward to this additional opportunity to connect with the ever growing community at Visual Wilderness.  Please feel free to pop over and read my first article on Cold Weather Tips.
Leave me a message if you like.

Links to my contributions will be shared at my social media accounts and in my newsletter.  
Not signed up yet?  


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Stephanie Kay-Kok did a lovely job of pulling together several of my peaceful water images for a feature at  It caught me off guard to discover that I had such a strong theme of serenity in my waterscapes.  To see all the images in the feature online click here.  Thanks again!


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I am thrilled this image has resonated with so many.  It's had a mind blowing 50+ million views on Google+.  Were you one of them?  Yes?  Thank you!  Did you miss it?  Don't worry - you can see it here and read all the details about that very special night.  As I witnessed the beauty of this nightscape one song played loud and clear through my head.  Can you guess what it was?


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FIND ART FOR THAT EMPTY WALL! is a new comer to the online art marketplace.  It offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work directly to fans and buyers.  It also provides social art collectors a place to curate and share a collection of their favourite pieces from many accomplished artists and photographers including Karim Rashid and Kal Barteski.

I am currently featuring some of my most recently made images in my own gallery there.  In future I plan to offer complete collections of several pieces that will work together to tell a specific visual story.   There will always be a button available on my home page to take you directly to my gallery - though it's location may change as this site continues to develop.  

Check out my Crated gallery

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