FINDING THE UNEXPECTED - unique photos sometimes lay off the beaten path

I am not a comfortable risk taker... in fact the complete opposite.  But I am getting used to the  idea that sometimes the most wonderful things can be discovered when you allow yourself to explore.  Often venturing even just a little off the beaten path is enough to allow the unexpected to find you.

Like this beautiful doorway we found in an smaller alleyway in the medieval town of Grasse, France.  I call this image "Number 10 Street Unknown."  It's a play on the familiar number 10 address of so well known Downing St, but I also love that the number is 10 - as in "a perfect 10" which speaks to the beauty of this little unexpected find.

Want to make better images - consider taking a calculated risk.  Find a friend to take with you and permit yourself to do a bit of exploring.  Follow your gut.  You never know what unexpected discoveries will you make!


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