good morning star shine


I’m reluctantly coming back to earth after spending a fantastic time learning from and being inspired by Trey Ratcliff (et al) on his New Zealand Photo Adventure.  

Our first morning out we were greeted with just the sort of morning you would hope for... interesting clouds , a lovely calm waterfront and good weather.  The smile on my face must have been beaming like the sun’s rays.  An auspicious beginning to a bright adventure.

I’ve been silent here for a bit - trying to acclimatize to regular life - but I’ve lots more images to share from this adventure so check back often over the next little bit. 


The esplanade along Lake Wakatipu
Queenstown, New Zealand
February 2013



  • Nikon D700, 14-24mm f/2.8
  • Seven shots at ISO 100 14mm f/22
  • Photomatix HDR and Lightroom version blended in Photoshop 
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