This image was made from photos I took last week.  It was bitterly cold but the sun rose and bathed the frigid scene in a warm, golden orange light.  

I stayed out longer than I should have.  At -28C my hands and feet were frozen sore after only about 30-40 minutes.  Good gear helps, but cold is cold.  

The thing that continues to astound me is that I don't even notice the pain until I stop and step away from the camera.  I am so completely absorbed with the process of image making that I am lost in it.

And for that I am grateful. Grateful that I have finally found something that I love so completely that I would loose a limb for it without even noticing.  

Ok - that's probably a bit dramatic.  Perhaps I should have pursued the stage... 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. I hope you have a chance to get lost in something you truly love doing. 

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