I’ve been working on this photo on and off for about a week now.  Can’t seem to get it just right yet.  I’ve walked away.  Stood a the back of the room and stared at it.  I even have a second version already started from scratch again in a new window.



But this is getting close.  There are LOTS of things still wrong (so go easy on me please).  I think’s the lines - they don’t seem to be lining up right.  But if you were there, you would appreciate how difficult this shot was. It was windy  and so there was movement to contend with - side to side as boat swung on anchor, waves bouncing us up and down... But then there was that amazing sunset.  I couldn’t ignore it.

Anyhow - I’m putting it out into the world as is - for now, because I have to stop staring at it. 

It is (and working on it has been) intense.


Sunset off the Starboard Bow
Beausoleil Bay, Ontario, Canada
August 2013

• Nikon D700, 14-24 mm, f/2.8
• Bracketed set of 7 shots,  tone mapped in Photomatix Pro
• one exposure processed in Lightroom
• blended in Photoshop (Noiseware, sharpening and Color Efex Pro)


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