sun sets on summer

The first week of September and “back to school” is coming to a close.



It’s been a beautiful one weather-wise for us.  The kind that forms that idealized memory of my own first week back at school.  Crisp mornings, sunny warm days and fresh breezes.

These are the last few weekends of boating for us too.  And they are arguably the best as the weather is still warm but there are fewer people out at anchorages. 

Enjoy your fall weekend my friends - where ever it finds you.  

Kayak Sunset
Beausoleil Bay, Ontario, Canada
September 2013

• Nikon D700, 14-24 mm, f/2.8
• one exposure processed in Lightroom
• polished in Photoshop (Noiseware, spot removal, Color Efex Pro, playing around with luminosity contrast and saturation masking, sharpening) - dubious about the results - not sure the image was really improved - but making art is fun.

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