sunset calm

Georgian Bay can be a temperamental body of water but on this evening she was as calm as a small pond.  With every thing being so still we were lulled into the idea of anchoring a bit further off Hope Island so as to give ourselves a bit of space.



But we should have known that things would change.  And they did - at about midnight the wind came in and swung 180 degrees.  Which meant we were now anchored in the bay where the waves started to build.  It was a bumpy night.

I am still amazed at how much and how fast things can change.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.  Hopefully it is filled with good changes and lovely moments of calm to give you a chance to get your footing.

Anchorage off of Hope Island, Georgian Bay  
Ontario, Canada
September 2013

• Nikon D700, 14-24 mm, f/2.8
• Bracketed set of 5 shots,  tone mapped in Photomatix Pro
• one exposure processed in Lightroom
• blended in Photoshop (PLUS Noiseware, sharpening and Color Efex Pro)





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