foggy calm

This week has felt rather frenetic.  

Schedules are filling, appointments are booking, try-outs are commencing.  The minutes of my day seem all accounted for.  I find myself longing for the calm this image portrays.

Sometimes even on a big lake like Lake Ontario the wind disappears and the fog can roll in and smudge out the horizon.  On a sailboat it means you are getting no where fast.  

Sounds perfect to me right now.

Foggy Horizon on Lake Ontario   
Bronte, Ontario, Canada
September 2013

• Nikon D700, 14-24 mm, f/2.8
• Bracketed set of 5 shots,  tone mapped in Photomatix Pro
• one exposure processed in Lightroom
• blended in Photoshop (Noiseware, sharpening and Color Efex Pro)

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