everything old is new again

Ta Da! (she said nervously)  

Welcome to the relaunch of my website.  I've been almost entirely absent online lately and today I am thrilled to reveal why.  I have been working (slowly) in the background getting my small corner of the internet world in order.  

There have been distractions, excuses, steep learning curves and setbacks but the truth is I have been holding off going live with this new site for longer than needed, trying make it perfect.  It's a habit I have.  Of course you know that "perfect" is a moving target (if at all attainable.)  With that in mind, I've decided that things are "perfect enough" and I'm launching my redesigned website.  

There are several new features that I like and I hope you will too.  I'll be highlighting them for you over the next week but in the meantime go ahead and have a look around.  Feel free to explore and click on stuff to see what happens.   

I plan to continue to tweak things but I'll need help.  THIS IS YOUR INVITATION: go ahead and send me your honest feedback.  I value it.  The redesign makes it dead easy to drop me a comment (right below the this post), email (on my about page) or message on one of my social media channels (click on the buttons at the top of the page). Thanks in advance!


Now, with the big news all out of the way - let me tell you a bit about this image.  It's an old one.  Taken on my Nikon D70 - my first Nikon DSLR.  It was a great little camera and though it doesn't compare in megapixels to even the most entry level point and shoot cameras today, I still love some of the images I took on it.

This image is one of my all time favourites.  The silhouettes are my three boys - 2 sons + husband.  The night I snapped this was one of the first nights we spent on our sailboat.  There were storms in the area and the sky lit up at sunset in a way I had never seen before.  This is also the first image I ever posted online two years ago, so I couldn't think of a more fitting choice for this relaunch.  Just like my website, I have given this image a bit of a face lift too.   

• Nikon D70, 18-17 mm f3.5-4.5
• single exposure processed in Lightroom
• adjusted in Photoshop (Noiseware and Color Efex Pro)


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