photographer, artist & visual storyteller

Bringing life to subjects and subjects to life, beautifully. 

I am a Canadian photographer, artist and visual storyteller specializing in the areas of landscape, outdoor life and travel.  I share new impactful images and write on the topics of photography, travel, creativity, and art in the blog section.  My vivid images are available for sharing (see details below),  personal purchase and commercial licensing.  I also welcome commissioned work so if you have a story that needs to be told visually then let's talk.   



All of my images are and governed by
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This means sharing my images is encouraged ONLY if ALL of the following:


  1. CREDIT - give credit to ©Elle Bruce directly beneath or on the image AND
  2. LINK - link directly to the Elle Bruce webpage the image was featured on or to my home page www.ellebruce.com

More details on best practices for attribution are here.  
When you do share my images, drop me a line and tell me where so I can promote YOU on my social networks!

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Please contact me for licensing details.

My images may not be altered in any way nor incorporated into other works.



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"Racing Towards Sunrise" by ©ELLE BRUCE - www.ellebruce.com is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0